Get Your Picky Eater to Eat Without Resorting to the Forceful Ways of the Past

Take back control and enjoy mealtimes again!

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Do you:

  • Want your kids to be healthy eaters?
  • Worry that your child isn’t getting the nutrition he/she needs because he/she eats so few foods?
  • Suspect that there’s a better way to get kids to eat well than trapping them at the table, being sneaky, deceptive or having endless negotiations?
  • Want to sleep well at night, confident that you’re not only providing good food for your child today…but instilling in them a life-long LOVE of healthy eating?

I’m a registered dietitian who focuses my practice on serving families with picky eaters. Seven years ago I worked behind-the-scenes creating the resources that health professionals still use throughout the province of BC (Canada). Not satisfied that parents were learning about and using these scientific evidence-based strategies in feeding their kids, I opened my own practice in 2008.

Now I help parents who have experiences like this (you’re NOT alone):

  • You’re frustrated that your once good little eater suddenly became picky.
  • Worried about your little one’s health, you argue with your spouse over how to get your toddler or preschooler to eat.
  • You remember being trapped at the table as a child, left until you “cleaned your plate” and you refuse to use these forceful strategies.
  • You’ve tried lots of different tricks and tips but nothing works . (In fact, your child’s eating may even be getting worse.) And you’re not satisfied to continue to copy what everyone else does.
  • Because of your concern, you’ve gone to amazing lengths to accommodate your picky eater, even making separate meals each night. But now you have a second little one and you don’t want them to follow in their sibling’s footsteps.

I have great news! You don’t need to choose between giving your child the same 5 foods (because at least you know that they’ll actually eat it) and endless negotiations (fights), forceful techniques, and being sneaky.

Over the past 7 years, through trial-and-error, I’ve found a step-by-step system that works to take back control of mealtimes so that meals go from stressful to enjoyable. Meals where kids try new foods without even being asked.

As I’ve learned (and many parents can attest to), if you introduce picky eating techniques (even those with scientific evidence behind them) in the wrong order it will backfire!

I’ve captured my step-by-step system in this guidebook to reach more families that I could ever serve in-person.

Provide Trust Love Book Cover

In 4 simple steps, this guidebook takes families from mealtime battles to quality family mealtimes using loving and developmentally-based strategies, activities, and worksheets.

Using this step-by-step guidebook you too can:

  • get your picky eater to eat better.
  • be less frustrated.
  • have a loving relationship with your kids at the table
  • (and you may even enjoy cooking again)

I’ve helped hundreds of families over the years. And, I want you too to have a food-confident kid who:

  • Enjoys eating
  • Has a healthy relationship with food
  • Eats a wide variety of foods
  • Calmly faces new foods
  • Feels confident enough to try new foods on a regular basis


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This simple, step-by-step guidebook includes:

  • The beneficial (and well-meaning but disastrous) ways to provide love and limits around food.
  • How to use routine and structure (without being rigid, forcing, pleading, or bribing).
  • Meal planning ideas
  • And much, much, more…


Invest now in your child’s health…


Start your picky eaters’ transformation today!


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